Org Objectives

TISL is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation with a focus on promoting integrity, ethics and anti-corruption values in personal and national development efforts

a. Educate and raise public awareness of key stakeholders in Sierra Leone to understand corruption issues and their negative impact on the society.

b. Build/strengthen the capacity of public officials, the private sector, civil society, the media and general public to understand the dynamies of corruption issues to enable them take appropriate measures to resist/curb it

c. Provide adequate and credible evidence on corruption issues within the public and private sector.

d. Develop advocacy tools for the elimination of the factors that lead to corruption impropriety and injustice.

e. Facilitate opportunities for specific vulnerable groups/victims of corruption to overcome their predicament.

f. Foster linkage and partnership with national, sub regional and intergovernmental stakeholders whose aims and objectives are inconsonance with those of the Transparency International Sierra Leone and the Transparency International Movement.